Abortion Statistics Over time and Trends

Abortions are one of the most talked about and controversial topics in virtually any society. In conservative societies, abortion is known as a taboo right now. In other societies, abortion is discussed more freely. Yet, there are some myths associated with it. Abortion today is legal generally in most countries of the planet. Here are some interesting statistics about abortion that reflect the trends in this process:

– If we were to take into account the number of abortions happening per day in depends upon, this number would total 1,25,000, according to WHO statistics. This appears like a huge number until you put it in perspective. You can find approximately 30-40 million abortions each year, but there are 131.4 million births each year. It is therefore actually not that great a number. With factors like chances of failure of protection and/or contraceptives, danger to mother’s health, dangerous birth defects foreseen or rape (dependant on laws of the country concerned), abortion is really a blessing in disguise. It really is anyway better to abort than to create an unwanted child to the world.

– There are various laws atlanta divorce attorneys country regarding abortion. Not every country supports abortion by choice. However, Is Abortion legal in Turkey is just a good thing that the quantity of such countries is on the rise. In 1994, only 42 countries allowed abortion on demand. This figure rose to 53 countries in 2002, so when of 2011, abortion on demand is allowed in 57 countries. However abortion on demand will not imply that a foetus could be terminated during any time in the pregnancy. Most countries have limitations positioned on when the foetus could be aborted. More or less, this limitation hovers round the end of the second trimester mark.

– It is naively believed that with usage of easier and safer abortion procedures, abortions have increased dramatically. However it is not true. In fact, the amount of abortions has decreased. That is illustrated by the truth that in 1995, out of every 1000 women of child bearing age, 35 had an abortion. In 2003, however, this number decreased to 23. (Child bearing age identifies this between 15 and 44).

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